DEF Carrytank with 12 Volt Battery Pump

DEF Carrytank with 12 Volt Battery Pump

Item #SDCT-DEF220-12V

Our Carrytank line of products offer an ideal, economical solution to portable systems.  This roto-molded linear polyethylene tank is compact and lightweight.  It has integrated forklift pockets for lifting and integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing strap during transport.




  • 12 Volt battery pump (8 GPM)

  • 13 feet of EPDM discharge hose

  • Automatic nozzle

  • Lockable lid

  • 58 gallons of fluid storage

  •  Integrated forklift pockets for full tank lifting

  • Handles for lifting and carrying empty tank

  • 2" filling plug with integrate vent device

DEF Volume: 58 gallons (220 liters)

Dimensions: 36" L x 24" W x 24.5" H

Empty Weight: 53 lbs

Average Wall Thickness:  .20" (5 mm)

Filling Plug: 2" size with integrated vent device

Digital Turbine Flow Meter

12 Volt or 24 Volt Battery Kit