Veeder-Root 846390-107 8-Foot Mag plus Magnetostrictive Tank Probe - 0.1 GPH

Veeder-Root 846390-107 8-Foot Mag plus Magnetostrictive Tank Probe - 0.1 GPH

Item #846390-107

This probe is for alternative fluids and provides highly accurate, trouble-free in-tank leak detection and inventory control in fluids of up to 100% alcohol. The Magnetostrictive Probe for alternative fluids with water detection is ideal for fuel blends with less than 20% alcohol. The 0.1 GPH Mag Probe been third-party tested and certified to perform far better than the U.S. E.P.A. standards for both 0.1 GPH volumetric tank tightness testing and 0.2 GPH automatic tank gauging. 

Continuously monitors fuel height and temperature information to detect idle times in the tank. During each idle time, data collected forms a highly accurate leak detection database. Sophisticated statistical analysis techniques in CSLD constantly evaluate the database to discard invalid data and perform leak tests based on only high quality information in the current database. In fact, a new leak test is performed every time new data from an idle period is added.



  • Noncorrosive, stainless-steel tubing for long-lasting fuel monitoring.
  • Highly accurate Magnetostrictive measurement technology.
  • Fast and accurate leak tests.
  • Provides highly accurate trouble-free performance. 
  • Capable of extremely accurate inventory control and in-tank leak testing.
  • Provides value-added return by providing accurate data for the business, so you can make better operational decisions.
  • 2”, 3”, and 4” float kits available.