South Carolina - Underground Storage Tank Control Regulations

Posted on: May 18, 2018

DHEC regulates underground storage tanks for the entire life of a tank system. This includes the planning, compliance, permitting, enforcement and remediation efforts of underground storage tanks throughout the state. 

Changes that became effective immediately after R.61-92, Part 280 was revised in May of 2017:

  • Vent line flow restrictors (Ball Float Vent Valves) cannot be installed
  • Testing after a repair
  • Closure for internally lined tanks that fail the internal lining inspection and cannot be repaired
  • New groundwater and vapor monitoring site assessments must be signed by a licensed professiona
  • 24-hour release reporting
  • The Certificate of Financial Responsibility (DHEC-3472) will no longer have to be provided at the time of inspection

Changes due by May 26, 2020:

  • A one-time notification of existence of airport hydrant fuel distribution systems and underground storage tank (UST) systems with field-constructed tanks 
  • Site assessment record keeping
  • Supplemental training for existing A/B operators 
  • Release detection for emergency generator tanks 
  • Spill prevention equipment, release detection equipment and containment sump used for interstitial monitoring testing 
  • Walkthrough inspections 
  • Overfill prevention equipment inspection

Download the underground storage tank details here: R.61-92, Part 280