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Commercial Fuel Dispensers

Maximum Uptime

From commercial trucking facilities, municipalities, agriculture, construction and more, SPATCO will recommend the perfect commercial fuel dispensing solution to meet your needs. Our products are reliable and durable, keeping your vehicles running at maximum uptime with the best return on investment.

Wayne Commercial Fuel Dispensers

Wayne Commercial Fuel Dispensers

Keeping your fleet on the move depends on reliable, fast access to fuel. Time spent waiting for an available commercial fuel dispenser or struggling with slow or inefficient commercial fueling equipment can negatively impact your productivity and raises your Total Cost of Ownership. Wayne's commercial fuel dispensers are reliable as well as efficient.

Wayne Commercial Fuel Dispenser Models:

*Wayne Ovation™ HS Ultra-High-Capacity Fuel and DEF Dispensers shown

Gasboy Fleet & Commercial Fuel Dispensers

Gasboy Fleet & Commercial Fuel Dispensers

The Atlas® 9100K and 9800K Series fleet fuel dispensers deliver dependable performance in nearly any fleet fuel management application. The 9100K fuel dispensers offer standard-, high-, and super high-speed mechanical commercial fuel dispensers. The 9800K series is specifically designed to offer high flow rates that ensure you spend less time fueling and more time driving. Atlas 9800K Series offers standard-, high-, super high-, and ultra-high-speed electronic fuel dispensers. 

Integrating DEF into your existing fleet management system is easy with the Gasboy DEF K Series. Add DEF to your system and manage all aspects of your fleet using one reliable system. The Atlas DEF fuel dispenser comes in two models: Cold Weather and Warm Weather. Both models have stainless steel hydraulics to protect against corrosion and use an innovative Weight and Measures approved Coriolis Mass Flow Meter that measures DEF accurately and reliably.

Atlas Fuel Dispenser Models:

Variety of Products

Choose from petroleum, diesel, DEF, or a combination of fuel/fluid types. SPATCO has the ideal unit for your specific needs.

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