DFS DX™ Connected Solutions Platform

Digital transformation for the fueling industry

DFS DX delivers operational cost reductions, increased sales and an enhanced customer experience through a combination of intelligent fueling and retail solutions. DFS DX is the industry’s first open, global and common cloud platform that harnesses advanced analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver innovative solutions focused on customer experience and asset optimization.

Drive Increased Sales Revenue

Many locations operate retail, car wash, or other related businesses, and these can be vital for your bottom line. Promote products and services at the dispenser to drive in-store foot traffic and sales, increase customer loyalty, and deliver an enjoyable customer experience.

Maximize Site Assets and Operational Efficiency

From the tank to the payment module, the operational efficiency of your entire retail station has a direct impact on your bottom line. The DFS DX connected solutions platform helps you streamline operations and optimize site assets.

Increase Safety and Security with the DFS DX Platform

When it comes to fuel stations, compliance and security are critical. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the software applications that comprise the DFS DX connected solutions platform use intelligent edge to provide ongoing updates on the state of your devices. The solution suite uses Azure Stream Analytics to expedite data creation and alert you to potential issues.

DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR®

DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR®

DX Market™ is a new self-ordering solution for convenience stores and fueling stations that will allow retailers to enhance customer experience, grow basket size and increase profitability at the pump.

The DFS Anthem UX® integrated with GRUBBRR's® software enables fuel retailers to offer customizable promotions and upsell opportunities with video and static content. The self-ordering solution simplifies the order fulfillment process for store operators, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Now, retailers will be able to offer customers the convenience of ordering food and shopping for products while pumping gas. Customers receive a text message when their order is ready for pick up within the store, saving time, enhancing efficiency of the fueling experience for customers and increasing revenue for retailers.

GRUBBRR® is a global self-ordering solutions and POS systems provider at the forefront of self-ordering technologies. GRUBBRR's® award-winning eco-system, including kiosks, mobile ordering, POS, online ordering, KDS, contactless smart lockers, and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and increase operational efficiency while improving the consumer experience.

DX Promote™

DX Promote™

DX Promote turns each of your fuel dispensers into an automated selling machine. DX Promote is a brand new, rich content management platform that gives you the ability to drive customized, targeted promotional strategies and enhance the customer experience, right where you need it the most – at the fuel dispenser.

DX Promote makes it simple to upload and change the promotional and media content that the end-user sees at every stage of the fueling process. Whether you want to boost convenience store purchases, upsell high-octane fuel or car washes, or simply provide entertaining content on demand, DX Promote can enhance consumer engagement and loyalty to your stores while increasing your overall per-visit revenue and profit.

Boost Sales and Profit Margins 
• Maximize overall promotional reach with the ability to run more than one promotion during a fueling process
• More effectively target different consumers with an easy-to-use dayparting scheduling that allows you to choose which promotions you want and when
• Take advantage of “event-driven” advertising: choose targeted media for different stages of the customer’s refueling process
• Increase revenue by upselling services and running educational messages about the value of premium fuels

Drive Customized, Targeted Advertising Strategies 
• Display promotions, fuel and car wash details, customer messages and more
• Streamline content management across multiple fueling stations or sites with a straightforward cloud delivery process
• Update information quickly with an intuitive web portal interface
• Create playlists for every stage of the refueling process, then change or update them whenever you need

Enhance Customer Experience and Loyalty 
• Display all of the information consumers need on a single screen, from gas choices and payments to media content
• Engage end-users with the content they want and expect, including relevant promotions and entertainment
• Differentiate your forecourt by promoting your brand products or services or by supporting your local community with public service

DX Monitor™

DX Monitor™

Managing assets across one or many forecourts is a challenging task. Retailers typically don’t know when a dispenser isn’t operating correctly until a customer tells them. Without proactive monitoring and real-time alerts on the health of each dispenser, service to customers can be interrupted, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Disruption to normal forecourt operation can be easily resolved or avoided through remote management, but this service is not typically available.

Utilizing the ability to remotely update software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor™ reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime. Having visibility over the health of each forecourt in your enterprise enables you to proactively prioritize maintenance activities and focus on sites that need immediate or near-term attention. By providing access to and insights on each dispenser and fueling point, DX Monitor can help make your fueling station more efficient and cost effective while ultimately delivering a reliable, frictionless customer experience.

Resolve Issues Before They Cause an Impact 
• Proactively manage fueling points to ensure dispensers and payment operations are running smoothly
• Receive updates on fueling point and payment module health, alerting you to issues before they impact your customers, or your bottom line
• Receive automated diagnoses and troubleshooting of maintenance issues • Reduce your sales losses from fuel 'stock-outs' and dispenser issues

Keep Your Payment Modules Up-To-Date and Secure 
• Enable dispenser and payment-related software updates through centralized and remote software upgrades
• Minimize the need for site visits to perform software upgrades to save both time and money
• Maximize profitability with remote pricing and alarms

Decrease Maintenance Costs and Boost Efficiency 
• Monitor the flow rates of every fueling point and grade and receive proactive alerts when slow flow rates are detected so you can take action
• Remotely reboot a payment module for basic troubleshooting
• View dispenser logs before traveling to site to decrease maintenance costs and improve overall operational efficiency
• Increase your dispenser reliability and availability

DX Wetstock™

DX Wetstock™

The DX Wetstock® end-to-end fuel management solution is designed to locate and identify instances of fuel loss for fuel retailers and fleet operators. The solution collects and processes real-time data from a variety of sources, so that you can quickly reconcile any fuel discrepancies down to the gallon or liter, see exactly where and why fuel is lost and subsequently introduce immediate mitigation plans. DX Wetstock® is simple to set up and use and can help any size of fuel station identify and minimize fuel loss, transform the entire reconciliation process, and lower overall operational costs, all while mitigating risk.

• Enhanced loss analysis for demonstrable added value service enables businesses to focus their improvement efforts in the most impactful areas.
• Workflow to guide users through analytics allows for minimal remote training and support costs for businesses.
• Reduction of false flags allows businesses to focus on real and verified issues.
• SIR and compliance only service available enables users to choose the wetstock management package that fits their business need best.
• Real-time data collection and analytics, optimized algorithms and workflow automation streamlines wetstock management enables a single analyst to manage a large network of sites and react quickly to issues across the fuel network.
• SLA-driven service provided through self-subscribe portal enables ownership of performance control to remain with the customer.

DX Promote Auto™

DX Promote Auto™

Hassle-Free Media

The DX Promote Auto™ Service is a low-touch media solution available on the DFS Anthem UX® and AX12™ dispensers. It enables retailers to enhance the fueling experience with engaging local content and customized ads, driving foot traffic and incremental in-store sales. What's more, you get access to an evolving suite of customer centric applications. Free up your time to manage your business, and let DX Promote Auto™ manage the media for you.

• Engaging national advertisements
• Short-form infotainment
• Major oil promotions
• Customized promotional banner ads
• Targeted traffic and weather announcements
• Access to applications like DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR®
• Enhanced customer experience
• Proven increase in c-store sales

DX Retail™

DX Retail™

If you have responsibility for managing one or more point-of-sale (POS) systems, DX Retail® makes it easier than ever to update all your stores’ Prizma and DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk systems securely and efficiently, thanks to its use of Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology. Driving updates to multiple pieces of Prizma site equipment is straightforward, fast and can be done with the touch of a button from any web-enabled device from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based connected solution. The ability to remotely drive updates to a single site or to hundreds of sites simultaneously is a significant time savings and ensures your sites are always updated with the latest retail items and pricing.

• Reporting eliminates the effort and work associated with manually collecting individual reports across each site in your network.
• Multi-location functions save time and maintain standards across an entire install base, reduce overall service costs by efficiently deploying changes, and increase the flexibility, efficiency and work associated with managed stations.
• Article management saves time by making it easier to manage in-store POS items remotely, for example by configuring a new item button or a new item image at multiple locations simultaneously.
• DFS Smart Sync data and configuration of multiple sites are synchronized and retrievable at any location.
• Backup and restore functionality decreases risk of data loss and reduces downtime.
• Centralized site management and configuration enables users to obtain data that allows them to stay informed with site operational activities, reduce operational costs and boost efficiencies. 

DX Fleet™

DX Fleet™

DX Fleet® is a revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides fleet owners, operators, and managers a connected experience through the use of interlinked devices and the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet fueling enterprise digitally. DX Fleet® delivers real-time monitoring of your fleet vehicles, proprietary cards, transactions, alerts, notifications and reports. Additionally, fleet users can leverage a mobile application for fueling authorizations, which provides an easy and innovative alternative to standard fleet cards.

• Graphically-enabled and tiered dashboards decrease operational costs and unplanned downtime by quickly finding the information most important to sites and/or organizations.
• Centralized controller management & configuration reduces service visits to sites by enabling remote capabilities to manage FMS controllers from the cloud.
• Cloud-based account management reduces operational costs by consolidating card management to a central location that can be managed via the web portal.
• Real-time visibility to fueling data, transactional information, or alerts generated by devices improves performance and decreases unscheduled downtime by providing the ability to proactively manage sites based on status or alerts.
• Web-based cloud application built on Microsoft Azure's security features, data integrity and confidentiality eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure & resources as implementation is server and computer independent.

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