Inspection Compliance

Avoid the Hassle

Avoid the hassle of getting a Notice of Violation (NOV)

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Pre-Inspection Services

Pre-Inspection Services

Know You Have a State Inspection Coming?

Let SPATCO ease your mind and take care of any issues before the inspection with our Pre-Inspection Services.  

We will schedule a visit prior to the day of state inspection and assure your site is as ready as it can be. We will:

  • Pressure clean and check all sumps and spill buckets for failures
  • Clean all dispenser pans and inspect for failures
  • Inspect each tank fill port is sealed properly
  • Check shear valves are properly installed and anchored
  • Check all penetrations for rips or tears
  • Ensure ATG readings are accurate vs. manual stick readings
  • Perform ATG and LLD test
  • Check all meter calibrations (optional)

Working with the Inspector

On inspection day, our technicians can meet the inspector on your site at the time specified to ensure a stress-free visit. We will assist the inspector with removing sump lids and work with the inspectors to make sure any compliance issues can be taken care of immediately.

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