DEF Black Non-Magnetic Nozzle designed for Gilbarco and Gasboy Model 9862KXZ

DEF Black Non-Magnetic Nozzle designed for Gilbarco and Gasboy Model 9862KXZ

Item #21GU-040G

End-to-end dispensing hardware solution for reliable, efficient DEF-filling. Designed for use without Mis-Filling Prevention Device.



  • Automatic shutoff feature shuts off nozzle when the tank is full
  • Mis-filling prevention device eliminates the risk of accidental DEF filling or environmental contamination.
  • Spout with magnetic interface prevents mis-filling mishaps.
  • Durable streamlined nozzle design for easy, comfortable nozzle handling makes it easy to differentiate DEF products.
  • Total end-to-end affordable solution is a convenient and complete system from the Industry Leader.
  • Comes with Integral Contaminant-Prevention Filter; this replaceable, stainless steel,  40-mesh filter provides an added level of protection against DEF contaminants.
  • Outfitted in that familiar and unmistakable “DEF Blue” with slogan badge for instant product identification.
  • Body: Special resin coated aluminum
  • Lever & Lever Guard: Duratuff®
  • Seals: Viton®
  • Inlet Size: M34 (adaptor required for each nozzle)
  • Weight: 2.41 lbs. each, 36 lbs./case of 15; 1.1 kg each, 16.5 kg/case of 15
  • Maximum Pressure: 40 psi (2.75 bar) 
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10 gpm (37.8 lpm) 
  • Listings & Certifications: ISO 22241 Compliant

Are You Protected? A fixed magnetic field within the Mis-Filling Prevention Device actuates a magnetic interface in the spout of the 21Gu nozzle to allow the flow of DEF. Without the Mis-Filling Prevention Device, the DEF nozzle will not flow. Put the nozzle in the wrong tank – say, your diesel tank – no problem, the nozzle will not flow. No other DEF-filling nozzle has this DEF mis-filling protection capability.