DEF Dual Sided Fleet Dispenser

DEF Dual Sided Fleet Dispenser

Item #SDD

SPATCO DEF’s own dual-sided dispenser permits dispensing from two lanes, allowing you to fuel more vehicles at one time. It’s an affordable, durable solution that can be integrated with your fuel management systems.

Designed for fleets & commercial fueling facilities: Best suited for bus garages, municipalities, commercial trucking facilities, fleet fueling facilities, and any other site that requires a high-volume dispensing solution.

Cost-effective solution for fleets: Without the need for costly Weights and Measurements-approved equipment required by retail facilities, you get a more affordable solution to supply DEF to your vehicles.

Easily integrated: The dual-sided dispenser can be integrated with you fuel management systems and storage tanks of any size.

Dependable construction: The rugged design is built to withstand harsh, high-use environments, extreme temperatures, and rough treatment characteristic of everyday use.

User-friendly & attractive: The SPATCO DEF dispenser's simple design  is easy to operate and will fit well aesthetically at any fueling site.

Low maintenance cost: This unit is made to last. You will cut your maintenance and repair costs significantly.

Budge Friendly:  Reduce your equipment and installation costs in half by installing one dual sided dispenser when needing two fueling points.

Base Model

  • Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM per nozzle

  • Medium duty powder-coated carbon steel cabinet

  • Solenoid valve for dispenser isolation

  • Standard SS construction automatic shut-off nozzle

  • Full nozzle boot for nozzle storage

  • Mounted inline filter housing with 1 micron filter

  • Medium duty hose reel (spring retractable hose reel with stainless steel internals for dispensing hose)

  • Turbine flow meter w/pulse output

  • Up to 24 ft. EPDM dispensing hose


Plumbing / Electrical

  • Fluid lines are DEF compatible hose, all pre-assembled

  • Hose-clamp connection for ease in maintenance and repair

  • System pre-wired for 120 volt single phase 10A

  • All units tested

  • UL / CSA approved control panel

Additional options

  • Stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle with magnetic miss-fill prevention device
  • Heater with thermostat
  • Customer specific branding / decaling available