Drum Cart System

Drum Cart System

Item #SDC

The Drum Cart System allows you to customize your pump and suction length to dispense product from the distance that suits your needs. Agriculture and construction industries as well as small fleets can improve their fuel efficiency and save money by purchasing their product in bulk.

Designed for off-road vehicles: Refuel any off-road vehicles or machinery directly from the worksite. The Drum Cart System uses materials that protect your product from contamination by dirt and dust, making DEF fueling safer and more convenient. Store it in a truck bed or the back of your machinery and begin fueling.

Ultimate portability: The Drum Cart System is equipped with a 12V battery and uses a wheeled carrier to make transporting your drum safe and simple.

Lightweight & interchangeable drum: This unit uses a 55-gallon drum; lightweight enough to make it transportable with ease while still providing plenty of fluid for your vehicles. Change out the drum as needed.

Preassembled & fully tested: Engineered to allow for immediate use right out of the box. Simply connect to a power source, fill with DEF, and begin pumping with our Drum Cart System.

Dependable construction: Our Drum Cart System is engineered to withstand wear-and-tear from daily use in rugged outdoor conditions.

Base Model

  • Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM

  • Self-contained positive displacement diaphragm pump system for filling and dispensing DEF product into and out of the drum

  • 12 ft. long discharge hose connected to a stainless steel nozzle

  • Standard stainless steel construction automatic shut-off nozzle

  • Nozzle holder

  • Mounted inline filter housing with 1 micron filter


Plumbing / Electrical

  • Fluid lines use DEF compatible hose, all pre-assembled

  • Unit is pre-wired and plumbed, ready to use out of the box

  • Requires 110-120 Volt power supply or 12V battery

  • All units tested


Additional options:

  • 120 Volt pump or 12 Volt pump

  • Flow meter with resettable totalizer up to 0.5% accuracy

  • Transfer option ( One suction hose, ¾” ID, fitted with Micromatic coupler with dual functions; connected to tote when filling 55 gallon drum or connected to drum when dispensing DEF product. Fill line hose, ¾” ID, fitted with Micromatic fill head coupler; connected to drum during filling process)

  • 20 ft. discharge