Economical Retail Island Ready Mini-Bulk Systems

Economical Retail Island Ready Mini-Bulk Systems

Item #ESDE

Spatco's Island Ready Mini-Bulk Dispensing and Storage System provides an economical complete weights and measures solution to add DEF to your existing diesel islands. 

This is a perfect cost effective warm climate solution.  Cut your installation costs with our Plug and Play design.

Designed for retail: This island-ready design makes it suitable for truck stops, C-stores, and other DEF retail sites. Integrate the system with your existing POS to accept credit cards and make transactions fast and simple.

Various storage capacities: The retail island-ready unit is available in 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon storage capacities.

Preassembled & fully tested: “Plug and Play” system is designed to allow for quick and easy installation and operation.

Reliable dispensers from trusted manufacturers: Choose from a line of quality manufacturers that include Wayne, Bennett, Gilbarco, and Gasboy dispensers. Minimize downtime if you experience problems with your dispenser; these manufacturers boast the largest network of trained service providers in the industry.

User-friendly & attractive: Our systems are easy to operate and are designed to fit well aesthetically at any fueling site.

Low-cost Installation & maintenance: Connect the unit to utility services to begin operation with minimal installation required. We offer technical support and onsite service/regular maintenance at competitive rates.

Weights and Measures-approved: Reselling is possible with this Weight and Measures-approved system. Ensure your customers are receiving the exact amount of DEF they’re paying for.

Easy transition to DEF: With minimal infrastructure needed to install this cost-effective system, you can enter the DEF retail market with little risk to your business.

Base Model

  • Non-insulated enclosure with 1” wall thickness, steel base frame

  • Aluminum sheeting exterior

  • .040 aluminum roof skin

  • Fully welded steel roof frame

  • Floor system is constructed of a C4 x 5.4 structural steel perimeter frame with C3 mild steel cross members and 2.5” x 8” fork pockets

  • Sub floor construction is of 1/2” plywood with an 1/8” fiber moisture barrier

  • Welded mounting tab 2” x 2” x .25 with .5” anchor hole

  • Polyethylene Tank - 500 or 1,000 gallon tank

  • Submersible pump 1/2hp

  • 16x46 Roof access hatch

  • Compatible with all retail, commercial, and fleet dispensers by Wayne, Gilbarco, Bennett, Gasboy and more



  • Pre-piped with EPDM flex piping

  • Sanitary fill & discharge connections for ease in maintenance and repair

  • Pump motor, heater, tank monitoring, & automatic shut-off valve are pre-wired to main electrical panel

  • Electrical: 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire 30 A (warm weather) / 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire, 60 A (cold weather)

  • 2D & 3D custom drawings and instruction manuals provided

  • UL/CSA Listed electrical panel

  • All units tested


Tank Size and Dimensions

Model ESDE1    500 gallon         94"L x 50"W x 101.375"H          Approximate weight 2,500lbs

Model ESDE2 1,000 gallon    162.5"L x 47.25"W x 101.375"H      Approximate weight 3,500lbs

*Note: Customized platforms add an additional 28-42" to length

Additional options:

  • Insulation for walls and ceiling 3/4” foam board
  • Automatic shut-off valve to prevent overfilling of tank

  • Submersible pump sizes 1hp, 2hp

  • Heater with thermostat for maintaining temperature

  • Tank monitoring system installed per customer specification

  • Branding/advertising wrap

  • High density polyethylene tank - 500 or 1,000 gallon tank

  • Platform for external dispenser

  • Internal or external dispensing

  • Choice of fill connection: OPW, Parker Hannifin, Todo and more