Gasboy® Atlas® 9100 and Atlas® 9800 Series

Gasboy® Atlas® 9100 and Atlas® 9800 Series

Item #Gasboy Atlas 9100 & 9800

Gasboy® Atlas® fleet focused pumps and dispensers are compatible with a full range of Gasboy Fleet Management Systems to help you track and manage your fleet better. From the most simple system to the most comprehensive one, Gasboy offers turnkey solutions to simplify your operations.

Gasboy® Atlas® 9100 and Atlas® 9800 Series Benefits

  • Commercial-grade construction and superior corrosion resistance
  • Rugged Welded G90 Galvanized steel frame
  • Structural foam bezel with clear polycarbonate window and back screen polycarbonate dial face
  • Traditional refueling platform without electronics that’s simple to service
  • All models come with a field wiring junction box for easy installation
  • Replaceable sheathing - painted or optional 304 embossed stainless steel


  • Vane pump - 1-HP motor
  • CFT meter
  • Internal replaceable filters
  • VR-10 Register with non-resettable totalizer
  • UL, cUL, NIST, MC approved
  • Pulse Output - 1:1, 10:1, 100:1
  • ED Lighted Brands/dial face
  • Keytrol
  • Satellite piping - dispensers only
  • Internal hose retractor
  • External high hose retractor
  • Stainless steel doors/panels