Morrison 918-0100AG Two-Inch Clock Gauge with Overfill Alarm and Standard Float

Morrison 918-0100AG Two-Inch Clock Gauge with Overfill Alarm and Standard Float

Item #918-0100AG

The Morrison “clock gauge” displays the liquid level of product stored in an above-ground storage tank. Measures the liquid level in tanks up to 12 feet high. The 918 audible alarm sounds when the liquid level in the tank reaches the user’s specified level.  



Gauge features 

• Easy to install in a single 2″ tank top opening, easy to calibrate 

• Gauge face displays level reading in feet and inches. The hour hand (short hand) displays the number of feet and the minute hand (long hand) accurately displays the number of inches 

• Gallon or liter reading gauge models available  

• Accurate to 1/8 of an inch 

• Easily read from 30 feet away 

• Vapor tight construction and fog free design 

• Gauge rotates 360° making it easy for the face to be read from the desired orientation 

• Visual indicators for high level (red) and low level (green) 

• Floats fit through a 2″ schedule 40 pipe nipple

Alarm features 

• Audible and visual indicators 

• Self-powered by long-life replaceable lithium batteries 

• Monitor up to four sensor signals 

• User-defined alarm labels 

• Visual alarm indicators easily identify which sensor is alarming 

• Compatible with 918/918 TCP gauging equipment 

• Low battery visual indicator 

• Audible alarm sounds 90 dB alarm at four feet away 

• Modular contacts make alarm devices easy to install 

• In compliance with UL 913 and CSA 157 intrinsic safety standards 

• Corrosion-resistant and water-resistant housing for long life 

• Intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 and 2, Group D hazardous location

Body Connection: Male 

Gauge height: 8.42 Inches 

Gauge width: 3.48 Inches 

Clock Diameter: 6.06 Inches