OPW 61FSTOP-1000 "The Stopper" Overfill Prevention Valve

OPW 61FSTOP-1000 "The Stopper" Overfill Prevention Valve

Item #61FSTOP-1000

The OPW 61ƒSTOP Overfill Prevention Valve ("The Stopper") is designed to prevent overfilling of aboveground storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized-fill (pump-on fill) delivery.



  • A special crossbar tank-inlet adaptor – is provided with each Stopper to provide for tight-fills and help prohibit open-fills. Mounting hardware, upper drop tube and 14" lower drop tube provided (longer-length drop tubes can be purchased or added).
  • Completely Automatic Operation – No pre-checks to perform, no resets, and no overrides to be broken or abused.
  • Direct or Remote-Fill Compatible – Fuel delivery couplers can be connected directly to the 61ƒSTOP, or steel pipe can be threaded into the top of the valve and piped to a remote location where the couplers are contained in a 211-RMOT Spill Container. 
  • Integral Anti-Siphon Valve – Drain vents on the 61ƒSTOP act as an anti-siphon, by introducing air/vapor into the fill line after the valve actuates, to help isolate the tank from a potential siphon due to a broken or leaking remote-fill pipe.
  • 150 psi (10 bar) Pressure Rated* with Low Pressure Drop – To enable quick, safe delivery of fuel into the tank.
  • 25 GPM (95 L/min) Minimum Flow Rate Required.
  • UL and ULC Listed – To satisfy Third Party accreditation requirements of many jurisdictions.
  • CARB Approved

Valve body, adaptor and collar: cast aluminum
Poppet: cast aluminum, hard-coated
Cam: stainless steel
Follower: brass
Shaft: CRS zinc-plated
Bearing: sintered bronze
Float: closed-cell nitrile
Nipple: 2" - 3" schedule 40 steel pipe
Lower nipple: 2" - 3" schedule 40 steel pipe with Duragard coating