OPW 4 inch Low Profile Bronze Swivel Adaptor

OPW 4 inch Low Profile Bronze Swivel Adaptor

Item #61SALP-1020-EVR

The 61SA Swivel Adaptor mates with 4" top-seal delivery elbows and features a top section that rotates with hose movement while the bottom section remains securely in place maintaining seal integrity. 

Pressure decay testing of underground storage tank systems has identified the joint between the tight-fill adaptor and the nipple or tank riser as a persistent leak point. Considerable movement takes place along the hose while the fill elbow is connected. Walk-downs and changes from one compartment to another move the hose across the pavement, rotating the elbow along with it. The result can be a loosening of the adaptor. As the adaptor backs off, the seal between it and the nipple is relaxed and a leak path is created allowing vapors to escape to the atmosphere. Vacuum-assist dispensing systems can aggravate this situation due to the slight pressurization of the UST.



  • Dual seals ensure a vapor and liquid-tight seal.
  • Conductive, self-lubricating retaining rod ensures maintenance-free, reliable service life.
  • Same internal dimension as standard 633T Adaptors – to minimize pressure drop and maximize flow rates for quick product delivery.
  • 61SALP-MA – EVR Approved for E85 
  • Base material: Bronze
  • Retaining Ring: Conductive nylon
  • Set Screws: Stainless steel
  • Seals: Buna-N