OPW SiteSentinel® iTouch™ Console

OPW SiteSentinel® iTouch™ Console

Item #SiteSentinel® iTouch™

The SiteSentinel® iTouch™ Console is a multi-function, high-quality tank monitoring system that provides real-time, accurate inventory information for up to 16 underground storage tanks. The enhanced performance of the SiteSentinel® iTouch™ improves data processing, allows for future system expansion and can be customized to meet each user's needs.

OPW SiteSentinel® iTouch™ Benefits

  • Provides real-time, accurate inventory information
  • Displays gross- or net-corrected tank volume, product level, water level, and temperature for individual tanks
  • Available output module provides multi-purpose relays, which can be used for outputs such as overfill or sensor alarms
  • Third Party Certified automatic or on-demand leak detection meets and/or exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulatory requirements
  • The certified leak detection meets or exceeds U.S. EPA regulatory requirements, protecting the environment in and around storage tanks.
  • The graphic display gives one-touch access to real-time inventory data, delivery status, alarm conditions and leak detection information.
  • Programmable Automatic Leak Detection (ALD) can be set to perform routine required leak tests. The system can automatically e-mail alarms and events.
  • Monitors up to 16 probes or sensors that can be connected in any combination. Reports can be printed on the external printer or from SiteConnect on the PC printer.
  • Graphic touch-screen display uses international, user-friendly icons
  • Monitors up to 16 probes and/or sensors that can be connected in any combination
  • Touch-screen provides one-touch access to real-time inventory data, delivery status, alarm conditions, and leak detection information
  • SiteConnect™ software, a Windows®-based configuration utility, makes site configuration easy
  • Compatible with SmartTalk® software for enhanced business management and compliance reporting
  • Automatic Leak Detection (ALD) can be programmed to perform daily, weekly, monthly, and annually required leak tests. Once programmed, the SiteSentinel® iTouch™ system will automatically look for the appropriate quiet time over the course of the day to conduct a static leak test without operator intervention.
  • System provides over 400 programmable correction factors guaranteeing the most accurate tank chart
  • Meets weights and measures standards in countries where required
  • Supports international time, date and decimal formats
  • Software is downloadable (Flash RAM) for easy updates
  • System interfaces with most POS devices, supporting standard industry protocols
  • PV4 POS protocol can be modified to meet the needs and requirements of the user
  • Provides three (3) dedicated RS-232 serial communication ports
  • System provides one (1) output and one (1) input to connect external devices like overfill alarms and line leak detectors
  • Internal power supply automatically switches between 120 and 240-volt power systems
  • Output Module (up to two (2) modules total) adds four (4) output relays per module to control external devices
  • Density measurement ensures that you receive the expected fuel quality with each delivery
  • System can automatically e-mail alarms and events via TCP/IP
  • Fax-out capability with external modem
  • TCP/IP interface allows easy communications using your local network
  • Increased memory size allows for future system expansion
  • Inventory, Delivery, Alarm and Leak Reports are available at a touch
  • Reports can be configured to meet localized settings (Date/Time formats and Metric/English units)
  • All probes and sensors are third party certified to meet and/or exceed US Environmental Protection Agency regulatory requirements
  • Operating Temperature Range: 14° F to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C)
  • Printer Operating Temperature Range: 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C)
  • Normal Cabinet Dimensions: 9.3" H x 12.3" W x 5.2" D (23.5 cm H x 31.1 cm W x 13.3 cm D)
  • Power Requirements: Output Module Contact: 2A @120/240 AC, 2A@ 24VDC, Output Contact: 30V AC/DC, 2A, Input Contact: 12VDC, 40 mA max, Input Power: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A
  • PC Software: (SiteConnect™ on CD-ROM is included)
  • Minimum PC Requirements: Pentium® processor, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB available hard disk space, recommended PC screen resolution (800 x 600), Windows 98®, Windows NT® (version SP4 and above), Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows Vista®
  • Printer: System-powered, graphics 40-column thermal printer includes wall-mounted bracket and a 1.8 m (6 ft) cable
  • Intrinsically Safe Barrier is ATEX approved