OPW SiteSentinel® Nano® Console

OPW SiteSentinel® Nano® Console

Item #SiteSentinel® Nano®

The SiteSentinel® Nano® Console provides inventory and compliance monitoring to retail and commercial sites that is simplified, full-featured and cost-effective. OPW’s Mixed Multi-drop Technology significantly reduces wiring and installation costs by enabling probes and sensors to be run back to the tank gauge on a single wire, and offers the ability to monitor up to 12 probes or 24 smart sensors in any number of combinations. The Nano’s intuitive color touchscreen and simple data display settings provide convenient on-site access to real-time inventory and alarm data, while the gauge’s remote access allows users to control the gauge from anywhere, making the Nano one of the most user-friendly tank gauges in the industry.

OPW SiteSentinel® Nano® Benefits

  • Calendar view shows both tank and sensor alerts, including deliveries, compliance, alarms and warnings that can be filtered by event and/or tank or sensor
  • A “Favorites” list enables quick recall of the most-used filter settings
  • Monitors up to 4 probes (up to 12 per gauge) or 12 sensors (up to 24 per gauge) per barrier position, or a combination of both
  • Displays gross- or net-corrected tank volume, ullage, product volume and water, product level and water level, and product temperature for individual tanks
  • Able to schedule reports to automatically run daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Programmable Automatic Leak Detection performs, daily, weekly, and monthly static
    leak tests
  • Local or remote PC connection
  • Alarm notifications issued via email and SMS
  • Networking options allow users to select either a Static connection or DHCP
  • With the ability to have 4 optional OM4 Output Modules that each offer 4 relays, functionality is expanded to a total of 16 relays including 2 onboard relays
  • Reports include Current Inventory, Delivery History, Events in Progress, Event History, Leak Test
  • Auto Detect feature shows the number of devices connected to each of the internal barrier positions after initial set-up — even if wiring configurations change
  • Includes address book of contacts for easy reporting configuration via email and SMS
  • Configurable to meet localized settings (Date/time formats and English/metric units)
  • Meets Weights and Measures standards in countries where required
  • Communicates with most industry standard third-party POS protocols
  • User-friendly interface features simple, easy-to-recognize icons
  • Provides streamlined leak monitoring for sites with double-wall tanks and lines
  • Mixed multi-drop technology allows for probes and sensors to be connected to one wire, significantly reducing installation costs
  • An intuitive full-color touchscreen interface provides a simple user experience
  • Alarm notifications issued via email, SMS for instant and convenient notification of system events
  • Console is configured through an HTML web interface. No added hardware or proprietary software is needed for remote connections
  • Web-based interface enables remote system management and training
  • Sensor alarms will provide hydrocarbon and water alerts (dependent on type of sensor connected)
  • Dimensions: 8.3 in H x 12.8 in W x 2.4 in D (21 cm H x 32.5 cm W x 6 cm D)
  • Power: 120/240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 30 W
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Display: 7.1 inches (18 cm) color LCD
  • Graphical user interface
  • Printer: External USB
  • Standard Alarms: Buzzer, Light and Acknowledge
  • Optional Alarms: External Tank Alert (internal relay)
  • Alarm Notifications: Email, SMS
  • Network Connectivity: DHCP/static addressable RJ-45 Ethernet ports, supports corporate and local LANs

Communication Ports:

  • One (1) RS-232 communication port
  • One (1) RS-485 communication port
  • One (1) RS-422 communication port
  • One (1) Ethernet port
  • Two (2) USB ports
  • Two (2) Internal inputs
  • Two (2) Internal outputs
  • Tank overfill alarm
  • OM4 Output Modules that each offer 4 relays
  • Density measurement sensor can monitor product quality. Fuel density reports can be shown in real time on the console

Leak Test Certification:

EPA Static Leak Test Certified:

  • 0.2 gph (0.76 L/hr) Static Leak Test