Premium Tote Enclosure Systems

Premium Tote Enclosure Systems

Item #SDT

Provide DEF for your business and save money even if your operations require minimal storage capacity. Get the same convenience, cost savings, and ease of use with this enclosure, but designed for your smaller capacity needs.

Single or Double tote capacities available.

Designed for small storage needs:  The Tote Storage Enclosure is offered in small storage capacities to meet the needs of small fleets, bus garages, and agriculture and construction businesses. Designed for small quantity or temporary storage and handling needs, this unit provides the flexibility of our larger products for businesses with lower demand.

Environmental protection: Protect your product from contamination and freezing temperatures. The Tote Storage Enclosure prevents dirt and dust from touching your product and uses a heater to maintain its temperature when used outdoors in cold conditions.

Protects all-important components: The pump and dispensing parts are contained inside the enclosure, ensuring long-lasting operation and reduced maintenance costs.

Optional storage capacities: The unit is available in Single (330-gallon) or Double Tote (660-gallon) options.

Preassembled & fully tested: “Plug and Play” system designed to allow for quick and easy installation and operation. Simply connect to utility services, fill with DEF, and begin pumping.

Dependable construction: Our systems are engineered to withstand wear-and-tear from daily use.

User-friendly & attractive: Our systems are simple to operate and are designed to fit well aesthetically at any fueling site.

Base Model

  • Flow Rate: Aprpox.8 GPM from nozzle
  • Insulated single tote 330 gallon FRP skinned tote enclosure or double tote 660 gallon FRP skinned tote enclosure
  • Large door opening for tote removal and replacement
  • Integral door for accessing dispensing nozzle and flow meter
  • Mag-drive self-priming pump
  • Standard SS construction automatic shut-off nozzle
  • Full nozzle boot for nozzle storage
  • Positive displacement gear flow meter with electronic resettable totalizer and output pulse for connecting to existing fleet management system
  • Mounted inline filter housing with 1 micron filter
  • 15 foot dispensing hose
  • 5 foot suction hose with Micromatic coupler for connection to tote
  • Heavy Duty spring retractable hose reel with stainless steel internals for dispensing hose
  • Motor starter for motor starting and protection


Plumbing / Electrical

  • Pre-piped with DEF compatible hose
  • Hose-clamp connections for ease in maintenance and repair
  • Electrical:120/ 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire 20 A (warm weather)120/ 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire, 40 A (cold weather)
  • Internal Dispenser, pump motor, are pre-wired to main electrical panel
  • UL/CSA listed control panel
  • All units tested

Additional options:

  • Single or Double Tote Branding/advertising wrap
  • Dual sided dispensing
  • Magnetic nozzle Heater with thermostat for maintaining temperature above 30°F
  • External secondary containment
  • 25 foot discharge hose
  • Pulse converter 10:1 or 100:1