Wayne Select S1 Compact Dispenser

Wayne Select S1 Compact Dispenser

Item #Select S1

A compact fueling solution that allows you to mount the dispenser at just the right height.

Select S1 base models are only 30 inches tall or only 41 inches tall when you add an optional iX Fleet in-dispenser terminal or iX Pay T7 secure payment terminal. This compact size allows aboveground piping to be routed underneath the dispenser while still having the dispenser at a user-friendly height. Preferably paired with submersible pumps, alternatively, they can be used with transfer pumps.

Flexible mounting options: A shelf-mount option provides the flexibility to install the dispenser at just the right height. Pedestal options provide additional freestanding flexibility. Pedestals are available in 25” or 20” heights.

Small size with big features : Although small in size, Select S1 dispensers optimize display visibility through the use of industry-leading extra-large 1.5” volume displays.

Multiple configurations to meet your specific needs: Select S1 models are available with volume only or price displays. A variety of single-sided, lane-oriented nozzle models includes:

  • Enhanced-capacity standard petroleum
  • Super-high-capacity standard petroleum
  • Enhanced-capacity E85
  • Warm-climate diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

LCD Displays: Backlit 1.5" seven-digit volume display and 1/2" four-character status display. Configurable 0-4 digits to right of decimal. Programmable gallons or liters. If power loss, displays remain visible for approximately 15 minutes. 

Totalizer: 7-digit electromechanical non-resettable totalizer. Electronic non-resettable & resettable 7-digit totalizers show on LCD using infrared control. 

Meter: Wayne iMeter [U] 2-piston positive displacement fuel meter with integral intelligent pulser. Electronic calibration. E85 model - Wayne Xflo fuel meter [X]. DEF model -specially treated meter. SHC uses (2) manifolded-meters for higher flow. 

Flow Control Valve: Proportional 7/8" (2.2cm). Allows setting max. flow rate. SHC uses (2) valves. 

Inlet Connection: 1 1/2 " (3.8 cm) fem. NPT. No riser. 

Filter [G]: Petroleum/E85 models include strainer and 400 series filter on meter inlet. DEF Models include stainer and cap.

Electrical: 120VAC 60Hz

Pressure: Working pressure up to 50 psi.

iX Fleet Terminal [//Dx]: In-dispenser terminal provides duel access control for fleet applications. Connects to iX Fleet Fuel Control System. 

iX Pay T7 Secure Payment Terminal: In-dispenser secure payment terminal for retail. Connects to point-of-sale systems 

Pulse Output Interface: Emulates mechanical dispenser interface. includes wo outputs. 

Price Display: 1.5:" total sale, 1" volume, and 1/2" unit price displays for retail applications. 

DEF Options: Internal 5-micron filter kit, 1" BSPP inlet adapter. 

Other Options: Hose mast; external 400 or 800 series filter kits; bottom discharge kit; all stainless steel cabinet; stainless steel top, sides, & base w/ painted doors; or stainless steel doors only. 

Mounting Kits: Shelf-mount kit [WP001128-0001-J021]. Pedestal-mount kits: 25"H [WP001199] or 20"H [WP00198], with or without containment.