DEF Single Sided Fleet Pedestal Dispenser

DEF Single Sided Fleet Pedestal Dispenser

Item #SDP

Our heavy duty pedestal dispenser is ideal for fleets, bus garages and commercial fueling islands not requiring weights and measurements metering.

Designed for fleets & commercial fueling facilities: Best suited for bus garages, municipalities, commercial trucking facilities, fleet fueling facilities, and any other site that requires a high-volume dispensing solution.

Cost-effective solution for fleets: Without the need for costly Weights and Measurements-approved equipment required by retail facilities, you get a more affordable solution to supply DEF to your vehicles.

Island-ready: The pedestal dispenser has a small footprint, permitting easy fit on a fueling island.

Dependable construction: The rugged design is built to withstand harsh, high-use environments, extreme temperatures, and rough treatment characteristic of everyday use.

User-friendly & attractive: The SPATCO DEF dispenser is easy to operate and designed to fit well aesthetically at any fueling site.

Low maintenance cost: This unit is made to last. You will cut your maintenance and repair costs significantly.

Base Unit

  • Heavy duty powder-coated carbon steel cabinet

  • Solenoid valve for dispenser isolation

  • Standard SS construction automatic shut-off nozzle

  • Full nozzle boot for nozzle storage

  • Mounted inline filter housing with 1 micron filter

  • Heavy duty hose reel

  • Up to 24 ft. dispensing hose

  • Resettable positive displacement gear flow meter with electronic resettable totalizer, 0.5% accuracy  


Plumbing / Electrical

  • Fluid lines are DEF compatible hose, all pre-assembled

  • Hose-clamp connection for ease in maintenance and repair

  • System pre-wired for 120 volt single phase 10 A

  • All units tested

  • UL / CSA approved control panel

Additional options:

  • Stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle with magnetic miss-fill prevention device

  • Heater with thermostat for maintaining temperature above 30 degrees F

  • Magnetic automatic shut-off nozzle for mis-fill prevention

  • Pulse converter (10:1 or 100:1) for connecting to existing fleet management system

  • Underground hose connection

  • External heavy duty pump stand