Wayne HS3/HS4/VISTA™ DEF Retrofit Module Kit

Wayne HS3/HS4/VISTA™ DEF Retrofit Module Kit

Item #HS3/HS4/Vista DEF Retro Kit

Not ready to purchase a DEF dispensing unit? This retrofit module kit is perfect for you!

Wayne HS3/HS4/VISTA™ DEF Retrofit Module Kit Benefits

  • Cabinet: Insulated with thermostatically-controlled heater (H). Self-closing nozzle & hose doors to protect against freezing. Right-hand cabinet standard (R).
  • Warm Weather Mode: Lock doors in open position for easy nozzle access during warm weather.
  • Performance: Up to 10 gpm maximum flow rate. Maximum flow rate controllable in software.
  • Activation: Push-to-start button on DEF cabinet.
  • Meter: Special DEF-compatible iMeter. Accurate to 0.3 gpm. Integral intelligent pulser. Electronic calibration. Proportional 24VDC valve.
  • Filter: Stainless steel filter housing with replaceable 5-micron filter element.
  • Dimensions: Adds only 17" width to HS dispenser. 26" depth. 94" H (matches HS). Total dimensions with HS: 94"H x 52"W x 26"D

DEF Retrofit Module Options:

  • Left Hand Module (L): Flexibility to order module on left side to meet installation limitations.
  • Overhead Piping Option (P): Top side entry. Includes 4" rubber entry grommet, 1" NPT female connection, T-fitting with bleed plug & manual ball valve on filter/strainer inlet for serving.
  • DEF Automatic Nozzle (p/n W2892997-001): OPW 21 GU-0400 without misfueling prevention.
  • Other Options: Delete filter, wide DEF valance kit, stainless steel side panel and/or meter door.

HS Dial Face Options:

  • Dual Price Posting (D): Provides openings in HS dial face for HS with cash/credit unit price displays.
  • Satellite-in-Use Indicator (O): Provides center opening in HS dial face for HS with satellite-in-use indicator.