Wayne Ovation2​

Wayne Ovation2​

Item #Ovation2​

The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is the most advanced Wayne fuel dispenser the company has ever released in North America. Its combination of robust construction, sleek styling, leading payment technology, and user-friendly design make it the smart and easy choice for your forecourt.

This Wayne fuel dispenser provides you the ability to run your store the way you want to run it - taking good care of your customers, avoiding unwanted hassles and maximizing profits along with way. Regardless of what you want from a fuel dispenser, the Ovation2 fuel dispenser delivers.

Wayne Ovation2 Fuel Dispenser Benefits

Durability: Features a streamlined bezel design on tempered glass and metal on high-touch areas. All-metal columns protect against careless customers, swinging car doors, or whatever else the world may throw at it.

Visibility: Each unit features 25% more space for branding than previous Wayne fuel dispensers - including a two-tone bezel and side-column branding option, helping to engage your customers right from the road.

Serviceablity: Easily configurable with interchangeable parts. Calibrations can be done in one step and changing paper is easy to do with the most accessible dispenser printer roll on the market.

Capability: Industry-leading technologies such as choice of meters, flexible alternative fuel solutions, and a range of payment solutions to fit your current and future needs. There are also many high-end media and customer interactive features with this Wayne fuel dispenser.

Usability: This Wayne fuel dispenser is designed to make a clean, friendly, and secure first impression. Recessed soft-key panels and other unique design features, combined with state-of-the-art security technologies provide unmatched peace of mind and protection.


Standard BlendingUp to 5 products
MeterWayne iMeter Fuel Meter
PaymentiX Pay EPP
Customer Interface5.7" Monochrome QVGA
Fuel TypesE85 listed, B20 listed, Additive Blending
Hose HandlingHose Retractor
MeterWayne Xflo Fuel Meter
PaymentiX Pay Secure Mag Card Reader, iX Pay Hybrid Chip Card Reader, Wayne TAP Contactless/NFC Reader, Wayne SCAN, Wayne TRAC, Wayne Connect In-dispenser Module, Ethernet Switch
Customer Interface5.7" Color QVGA, 10.4" VGA Screen, Dual Unit Price Posting, Intercom Speaker, Media Speaker, Intercom Call Button, Stop Button, 12-Button Preset Keypad, Authorize Keyswitch
Security & SafetyDispenser Secure Access Bezel, Dispenser Secure Access Lower Door, Secure Lock, Totalizer Options, EMT per Inlet (or Product), EMT per Meter
Vapor RecoveryBalance Vapor Recovery, Wayne VAC, Healy VAC, ISD Flow Meter (for Healy VAC with Veeder Root), ISD Flow Meter (for Balance with Veeder Root)
Graphics & ExteriorStandard Valance, Narrow Valance, Lighted Valance Conduit, Stainless Steel Doors, Stainless Steel Bezel Trim, Stainless Steel Side Column Trim, Dispenser Weather Sleeve, Pedestal Base

This unit is available in multiple configurations to fit the exact needs of your operation.