Wayne Reliance® G6200 Series

Wayne Reliance® G6200 Series

Item #Reliance G6200

Keeping your fleet on the move depends on reliable, fast access to fuel. Time spent waiting for an available dispenser or struggling with slow or inefficient fueling equipment can negatively impact your productivity. Any downtime caused by maintenance or repair issues not only increases inefficiencies, it raises your Total Cost of Ownership. The Wayne Reliance® G6200 Series Fleet Dispenser is built for reliability and durability by combining time-proven components with a durable cabinet. It stands up to years of rugged use in the harshest conditions.

Wayne Reliance® G6200 Series Benefits

Performance: Engineered for fast fueling capabilities, the Reliance® G6200 dispenser offers high flow rates up to 22GPM. Large capacity inlet/outlet castings, one-inch internal filters and discharge connections provide superior flow performance. 

Durability: Holds up under severe exposure and hard use for many years. The attractive powder-coated finish survives the elements and cabinet panels and supports are made from corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel. Tough 14-gauge side panels and 18-gauge doors make the dispenser ideal for rough fleet environments. The Reliance G6200 doesn't require gaskets for weather-sealing which can deteriorate and lose effectiveness over time.

Usability/Installation: Simple installation and low maintenance are among the many ways the Reliance G6200 dispenser improves productivity and reduces operation costs. A single AC power line feed makes retrofitting to existing installations easy. Its hinged doors can be removed if necessary by simply pushing a button for access during routine maintenance. 


  • Nozzle boots fit both standard and vapor recovery nozzles
  • Powdered-coated finish
  • Galvannealed steel cabinet panels and supports
  • Gear-type pumping units on suction models
  • One horsepower continuous duty with thermal overload protection
  • Two-piston positive displacement meter
  • Large inlet/outlet piping
  • One-inch internal piping
  • Satellite piping connections are provided for use with satellite dispensers
  • Internal filters
  • Single AC power line

  • Stainless steel panels
  • E85 compatibility
  • High hose mast and internal retractors
  • Inlet check valve
  • Solenoid valves on suction models
  • Pulsers
  • Light (one bulb per side)
  • Factory-installed Healy VAC vapor recovery for remote dispensers only
  • Liter measure
  • 230VAC operation
  • 50 Hz operation