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Portable Fuel Tanks

SPATCO’s online selection of portable fuel tanks feature rolling caddy and Carrytank® options. These compact portable dispensers come available with features like automatic nozzles, non-spill vents, lockable lids and more for the ultimate portable fuel solution for your Diesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid needs.

DEF Carrytank with 12 Volt Battery Pump
Item #SDCT-DEF220-12V
DEF Caddy with 12 Volt Battery Pump, 29 gallons
Item #SDCD-DEF110-12V
DEF Caddy with Rotary Hand Pump, 29 gallons
Item #SDCD-DEF110-HP
Diesel Carrytank with 12 Volt Pump
Item #SDCT-D220-12V
Diesel Caddy with 12 Volt Pump, 29 gallons
Item #SDCD-D110-12V