Ameron 22482736 2-Inch LCX Rubber Closure with Test Port

Ameron 22482736 2-Inch LCX Rubber Closure with Test Port

Item #22482736

Dualoy 3000/LCX systems employ a coaxial construction for the pipe wall and specially designed primary and containment fittings. The system provides a complete double-wall enclosure for all product, vent and vapor recovery lines. The “LCX” contained system has been designed for providing a compact profile and easy, fast and reliable installation. “LCX” can be installed in either parallel or series patterns, taking advantage, where possible, of the reduced cost and number of buried fittings afforded by the series pattern. See details below.

Features of Dualoy 3000/LCX containment systems include:

• Filament-wound, fiberglass-reinforced pipe with integral liner;
• Compact fittings dimensions to minimize trench excavation;
• Smooth exterior pipe surface that eliminates the need for special end preparation tools;
• Ready accessibility to and complete inspectability of primary fittings prior to closure of the containment;
• Complete testability during installation and at any time thereafter;
• Rapid joint makeup with pre-inserted nuts and ambient cure adhesive