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Centeron (MaaS) Solution for Wireless Tank Monitoring

Centeron (MaaS) Solution for Wireless Tank Monitoring

Item #Centeron (MaaS)

Quickly scale your monitoring program to save on delivery costs without the large upfront capital expense. The MaaS program now makes it possible to install a Centeron monitor in every one of your customer’s tanks without the large capital expenditure. With Centeron MaaS, you don’t have to purchase monitors. You simply pay a low monthly fee for the monitor and your choice of data plans. This allows you to deploy many times the number of monitors for the same level of investment as puchasing them. The greater number of monitors you install the better information you will have for making delivery decisions and the faster you will capture savings. Centeron MaaS makes it possible to monitor all of your customer’s tanks. Monitoring more tanks means that you can make delivery decisions based on real data rather than guessing. This improves your customer service and avoids product run outs.

Centeron MaaS Benefits:

  • Low monthly fee for monitor and data
  • Ability to select from several data plans and change the plan for a monitor as needed
  • Battery replacements for monitors covered by the MaaS program
  • 5-year warranty on monitor hardware
  • MaaS program monitors will be upgraded to new cellular technology when necessary