DFS Anthem UX™ User Experience Platform
DFS Anthem UX™ User Experience Platform DFS Anthem UX™ User Experience Platform DFS Anthem UX™ User Experience Platform

DFS Anthem UX™ User Experience Platform

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The DFS Anthem UXTM user experience platform is destined to revolutionize every aspect of the customer experience. From touchscreen, wireless, recognition, media, security, contactless payment options and more — to making the fueling experience fast, easy, relevant, and even fun.

This powerful platform allows retailers to connect to their customers like never before, engage them with targeted advertising, media and generate intense loyalty. The Anthem UX platform, without question, is born, imagined and designed to impress. It offers customers unsurpassed functionality and retailers unlimited opportunities.

Personal: Once customers are registered in the Anthem UX user portal, their experience will be personalized to reflect their specific preferences. They will be recognized and greeted in their preferred language. Then they will be offered their fuel grade, media content, and other services based on their secure personal profile.

Entertaining: Multi-channel media selection provides customers with their choice of content. Local weather and traffic information will always be readily available, as well as an array of other entertainment and information options. Sports while you wait? Sure.

Multilingual: The Anthem UX platform has multi-language capabilities to serve a diverse customer base. Registered customers will immediately be recognized and automatically served in their language of choice. This can also be selected during the transaction.

Flexible: The Anthem UX platform gives customers what they want more than anything: choices. It supports contactless cards and mobile payment, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, and allows customers to select receipt format—printed, SMS, or email—on screen. It can essentially do whatever the customer needs it to do — almost effortlessly.

Intuitive: Recognized customers will be treated to a familiar, engaging user experience. Even unregistered customers will enjoy the ease and simplicity of the entire transaction. What’s more, increased branding and advertising capabilities allow retailers to personalize and customize images, promotions, and in-store offers based on customer data and profiles.

Attentive: The Anthem UX platform detects user proximity with cameras to quickly transition from idle to customer greeting state. Customers are immediately engaged and guided through a smooth, seamless series of prompts and options.

Protective: Keyless locks give easy access to the dispenser for maintenance while protecting against uncategorized access. Fewer parts integrated on a flat display surface facilitate sanitization promoting a cleaner, safer experience for consumers.

Modern: The Anthem UX platform is more than just a remarkable user experience, as it is built to perform in the harshest outdoor environments. The display is designed to operate across wide temperature ranges and consists of toughened glass with typically four to five times the durability of regular glass.

27” High-resolution touchscreen

Stereo audio

Super-intuitive functionality

Personalized content

Supports loyalty app


Enabler for forecourt business

Traffic & weather alerts

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