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Pneumercator DR-1

Pneumercator DR-1

Item #DR-1

Pneumercator’s 8-inch Direct Reading Tank Gauge provides an excellent maintenance free application where remote indication is not required. The dial is calibrated in gallons from tank dimensions supplied by customer. The scale length is 20 inches. Other units of measurement such as pounds, liters, proportions or feet and inches are also available if specified.

Pneumercator DR-1 Benefits

  • Suitable for above ground or buried tanks, either indoor or outdoor. 
  • Wetted parts are of materials compatible with all hydrocarbons or non-corrosive liquids. 
  • Stainless steel or brass construction of immersed parts is available for special applications
  • Installation of the tank gauge is accomplished through a 2” half coupling in the tank; the 2” nipple and gauge mounting flange are supplied. 
  • The gauge can be mounted in any 90 degree position specified.
  • Float and arm assembly responds instantly to the slightest change in liquid level in the tank. These changes are transmitted by direct linkage to the indicating pointer, providing positive direct measurement of tank contents.
  • Suggested specification: Provide and install for each tank a Pneumercator 8-inch Direct Reading Gauge. The Instrument shall be calibrated in gallons (or any other unit of measurement). The gauge head to be mounted (vertical) on the tank.