Premium Commercial Island Ready Mini-Bulk Systems

Premium Commercial Island Ready Mini-Bulk Systems

Item #SDB-WM

Supply DEF to your own fleets and to other commercial fleets. The commercial mini-bulk system is designed to meet the needs of customers with both internal fueling needs and reselling needs. Because it fits on your island, DEF is easily accessible, allowing your customers to fuel their DEF and diesel tanks simultaneously.  

Perfect solution for all climates.

Designed for commercial clients: Fuel your own fleets or resell to other commercial clients who don’t have a need for tracking the cost of DEF per gallon. Because it’s compatible with most fuel management systems, you can track DEF usage for all users, internal or retail.

Various storage capacities: The commercial island-ready unit is available in 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon storage capacities.

Preassembled & fully tested: “Plug and Play” system designed to allow for quick and easy installation and operation. Simply connect to utility services, fill with DEF, and begin pumping.

Equipped with internal commercial DEF dispenser: Choose from a line of quality manufacturers that include Wayne, Bennett, and Gasboy dispensers. Minimize downtime if you experience problems with your dispenser; these manufacturers boast the largest network of trained service providers in the industry.

Environmental protection: Protect your product from contamination and freezing temperatures. Your dispenser is enclosed in the housing compartment to protect it from harmful environmental factors.

Weights and Measures-approved: Reselling is possible with this Weight and Measures-approved system. Ensure your customers are receiving the exact amount of DEF they’re paying for.

Dependable construction: Our systems are engineered to endure heavy usage unique to the commercial fueling environment.

User-friendly & attractive: Our systems are simple to operate and are designed to fit well aesthetically at any fueling site.

Base Model

  • Choice of commercial DEF dispensers manufactured by Gasboy, Wayne, Gilbarco, and Bennett
  • Insulated enclosure for DEF tank with FRP body
  • High density polyethylene tank –500 or 1,000 gallon tank
  • Integral plastic liner for secondary containment
  • Large door opening for easy access in servicing components
  • Roof access hatch for servicing pump and piping
  • Integral door for accessing dispensing nozzle
  • Powder-coated carbon steel fill port cabinet
  • Submersible pump 1/2hp
  • Stainless steel automatic non-magnetic nozzle
  • Full nozzle boot for nozzle storage
  • Up to 40 ft. dispensing hose
  • Heavy Duty spring retractable hose reel with stainless steel internals for dispensing hose

  Plumbing / Electrical

  • Sanitary fill & threaded discharge connections for ease in maintenance and repair
  • Commercial dispenser, pump motor, heater, tank monitoring, & automatic shut-off valve are pre-wired to main electrical panel
  • Electrical: 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire 30 A (warm weather) / 220V, 1 Phase, 4 wire, 60 A (cold weather)
  • 2D and 3D custom drawings and instruction manuals provided
  • UL/CSA Listed electrical panel
  • All units tested

Additional options:

  • Commercial weights & measures dispenser: Gasboy, Wayne, Gilbarco, or Bennett
  • Heater with thermostat for maintaining temperature above 30°F
  • Automatic overflow shut-off valve attached to DEF fill port
  • Tank monitoring system installed per customer specification
  • Magnetic nozzle in lieu of non-magnetic
  • Choice of fill connection: OPW, Parker Hannifin, Todo and more