Red Jacket 116-056-5 FX1V Gasoline Leak Detector

Red Jacket 116-056-5 FX1V Gasoline Leak Detector

Item #116-056-5

Red Jacket FXV Mechanical Line Leak Detection offers the fastest line leak detection available for hourly monitoring. They are built for superior performance and for keeping operators in compliance – even in the most challenging environments. 



  • Meets E.P.A requirements in environments that experience extreme temperature changes
  • Adapts to applications using high-resiliency lines, such as flexible piping
  • Installs and troubleshoots easily and no special wrenches or tools
  • Handles gasoline with up to 10% Ethanol (note: UL Listed for 10% Ethanol)
  • Guaranteed to detect at a rate of 3 GPH at 10 psi for 24 months from date of manufacture
  • Robust design that works effectively in the most common and difficult testing environments
  • Handles up to 11 feet of static head
  • Can be used with any Red Jacket or Competitive STP