Veeder-Root Pressurized Line Leak Detector (Without SwiftCheck)

Veeder-Root Pressurized Line Leak Detector (Without SwiftCheck)

Item #848480-001

Veeder-Root's electronic Pressurized Line leak Detection System uses patented measurement technology to test lines at full pump pressure for highly accurate 0.1 gph precision and 3.0 gph gross testing. Two methods of installation give you options that will substantially reduce your costs.



  • No need to break product lines
  • No sump or manhole reconstruction required for installation
  • Ideal for applications where there is no existing sump
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Tests lines at full pressure for greater accuracy than other pressure line leak detection systems
  • Automatic, precision 0.1 gph testing option eliminates the need for separate annual testing
  • Certified to exceed U.S. E.P.A. performance standards