Verifone Commander System
Verifone Commander System Verifone Commander System

Verifone Commander System

Item #Commander System

The Verifone Commander Site Controller POS System is a single software platform for your convenience store operation.  The complete solution offers store owners a versatile site management solution providing faster payment acceptance, fueling operations and back office store control.  Available multiple workstation configurations with either Topaz or Ruby2 consoles.  

Commander is certified across all dispenser types, payment networks and oil brands.     

Let SPATCO put together and price a customized Commander solution for you.  Depending on your current Point of Sale platform, some components or optional equipment may not be required.  See the Option Features for a complete list of system components.  

Commander Site Controller Benefits

Increased Speed of Payment, Fueling and Store Control
Commander has 100% IP data transfer allowing for faster communication during all business operations.

Expandable Architecture
Commander Site Controller was build with room to expand its functionality as you business needs grow.

Commander Console Dashboard Mobile App
Access real-time sales information at your fingertips

Topaz XL Controller Benefits

Graphical and Easy to Use Workstation
The simple interface uses intuitive, animated graphic icons, letting you easily customize your control panel.
Complete Peripheral Connectivity
Connect to most dispensers, all major oil networks, tank monitoring systems, scanners, loyalty programs, car wash controllers and electronic fuel price signs.
Crucial Data Analysis and Reporting Tools
Specialized reporting and tracking features help you manage all of your business operations efficiently.
Processor2.10 Ghz Intel Core i3-2310E CPU, Scalable to Intel Core i7
Memory 4GB DDR SDRAM, Scalable to 8GB
Storage 8GB Solid State Mass Storage plus 160 GB Hard Drive
Scalable to 1TB Hard Drive
Connectivity1x USB 2.0 ports
2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
16x RS-232 Serial Ports - Scalable to 24 ports
Diagnostic Panel Soft Reset Button, diagnostic console port, 7-segment status LEDs,
heartbeat LED, power LED, and diagnostic switches
Communications 8 RJ-45, RS-232 serial ports with optional software controlled 12 Volt 
DTR power, Diagnostic Panel for fast debugging; includes soft reset
button, diagnotic console port, 7-segment status LEDs, heartbeat LED,
and diagnostic switches
Operating System Secure Real-Time Linux
Backup battery for power loss protection
Expansion Capability 2 slots for additional CPU functionality
3 PCIe peripheral card slots
2 Hard Drive slots
Environmental Temperature: operating range 0- 40° C, non-operating range -20 to 60° C
Humidity: operating range 15% to 95%, RH at 40° C
Dimensions 14.75” W x 6.25” H x 16” L

Complete System Components and Options:

Product Sku
Commander M149-111-00-NAA
Topaz ConsoleP050-02-410-R
Ruby2 ConsoleM169-000-01-NAA
Forecourt Interface BoxM149-901-01-R
Cybera Zone Router (EZR) P039-09-001-NAA
MX-915 Pin Pad (one per workstation)M13240901
Pin Pad Stand (optional one per workstation)MET132-019-01-A
Cash Drawer (one per workstation)P050-01-200
Topaz Customer Display (optional one per workstation)P050-01-100
Oneac Power Conditioner (optional one per workstation and controller)P040-07-050
Help Desk888-PCS-71043
Ethernet Cables22278-25
Receipt PaperP040-02-020