Wayne Select™ Series

Wayne Select™ Series

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The Wayne Select™ Series electronic fleet fuel dispensers keep your operation moving at a rapid pace. In a class of its own, the Select harnesses leading technology and combines it with durable construction to bring you high speed, dependable fueling capabilities. Powerfully equipped with cutting-edge electronics, the latest metering technology and field-proven components, the Select not only decreases fueling time significantly, it provides reliable functionality and easy management. A wide range of configuration options along with multiple feature choices give you superior flexibility.

Wayne Select™ Series Benefits

Performance: The Select™ Series' outstanding performance is backed by exceptional, state-of-the-art technology. Incorporating Wayne iGEM electronics platform, the dispenser promotes smooth operability through features like user operating messages, transaction limit controls, error monitoring, enhanced diagnostics and PC-enabled software uploads and downloads. Additionally, the superior technology supports three different high flow rate series for a swift fueling experience. All units include island-oriented (side) or lane-oriented front nozzle configurations so you can match your specific operational requirements.

Durability: The dispensers' powder-coated finish is incredibly durable even under harsh conditions and rugged use. All cabinet panels are galvannealed steel and supports are made of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance. Heavy gauge side panels and doors stand up to the elements for years.

Usability/Installation: Simple to install and cost-effective to manage. Patented double bump piping on EC and SHC Series models ensures reliable connections while simplifying component replacement during servicing. A single AC power line feed makes retrofitting existing installations simple. Hinged doors simplify routine maintenance, and a vertical strainer minimizes spills during cleaning. 


  • Powdered-coated finish
  • Galvannealed steel cabinet panels and supports
  • V/R 10 computing mechanical register with power reset interlock
  • Lighted product ID
  • Gear-type pumping units on suction models
  • One horsepower motor on suction models
  • High-volume positive displacement rotary meter (UHC only); Micro-accurate 2-piston positive displacement Wayne iMeter with integral intelligent pulser (EC & SHC only) 
  • Single AC power line

  • Pulse output interface
  • Total sale and unit price displays for cardlock applications
  • Preset keypad; can select money or volume
  • E85 compatibility (EC remote dispensers only)
  • High hose mast
  • Internal hose retractor
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Solenoid valves on suction models
  • External filter kits
  • Factory-installed Healy VAC vapor recovery components for ORVR and EVR
  • Liter measure displays graphic
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 240VAC operation
  • 50 Hz operation