Wayne Select™ Series

Wayne Select™ Series

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The Wayne Select™ electronic fleet fuel dispensers were designed to meet all your fleet fueling needs. Count on the Wayne Select™ electronic fleet fuel dispenser series to help keep your entire operation moving at a rapid pace.

Equipped with innovative electronics with a user-friendly display, the latest metering technology and field-proven components, the Wayne Select™ electronic fleet fuel dispenser series decreases fueling time and provides reliable functionality. Comprised of enhanced, super high and ultra high capacity models, the Wayne Select™ electronic fleet fuel dispenser series are endlessly configurable and built to offer smooth operability and simple maintenance.

  • Large, 1.5”, ultra-bright, backlit LCD maximize ease of viewing.
  • Electronic calibration simplifies calibration.
  • Front view electromechanical nonresettable totalizer.
  • Hose mast helps keep hoses off the ground and eases handling.
  • Bright LED lighting illuminates product IDs.
  • Status display provides messages to inform user of current operating status.
  • The optional Wayne iX Fleet™ indispenser terminal delivers a familiar fueling experience with pay-at-pump terminals.
  • Island-oriented nozzles for front/back access flexibility or lane-oriented nozzle boots for convenient front access.
  • Smart Secure Access™ bezel option provides enhanced security.
  • Heater option provides additional protection for extra cold climates.
  • Proportional flow control valve allows setting maximum flow rate.
  • Powder-coated, heavy-duty, galvannealed steel structural columns and doors combine a long-lasting finish with durable, corrosion-resistant construction. Hinged door for convenient access.

For dispensing low viscosity petroleum fuels - diesel; biodiesel blends up to 20%; gasoline, including standard oxygenated blends (up to E40 on EC remotes); kerosene; AvGas and jet fuel. See E85 option and approvals. Fuel must meet the applicable ASTM standard. 

LCD Display
Backlit 1.5” seven-digit volume display and ½” four-character status display per hose. Separate display for error codes, programming mode, and satellite-in-use. Displays each side of cabinet, except models with lane-oriented nozzle boot only display on corresponding nozzle boot side. Configurable 0-4 digits to right of decimal. Programmable gallons or litres. In event of power loss, displays remain visible for minimum 15 minutes. Mounted behind dial face glass on internal brackets separate from dial face. Flip down for service access.

7-digit electromechanical non-resettable totalizer per hose. Viewable on bezel dial face. Electronic non-resettable and resettable 7-digit totalizers show on LCD using hand-held remote control. 

Hand-Held Remote Control
Infrared remote control for accessing totals, diagnostics, and configuring dispenser via LCD without opening cabinet.

Pumping Unit
Positive displacement, self-priming, gear-type pumping unit with integral centrifugal air separator and adjustable bypass valve. Suction strainers at inlet connection.

1-HP continuous duty with thermal overload protection. Adjustable V-link belt connects to pump pulley

120/240VAC 50/60Hz. (Pulse Output, Heater, and iX Fleet™ options require 240 VAC option for 240VAC operation). For suction 50 Hz operation, 50 Hz option must be specified for correct motor pulley