Economical Tote Enclosure Systems

Economical Tote Enclosure Systems

Item #ESDT

For smaller fleets or temporary DEF storage and dispensing needs, SPATCO DEF offers an economical solution perfect for tote units.

Designed for small storage needs:  The Economical Tote Storage Enclosure is offered in small storage capacities to meet the needs of small fleets and construction businesses. This unit is perfectly designed for small quantity or temporary storage and handling needs while remaining budget friendly.

Environmental protection: Protect your product from contamination and freezing temperatures. The Tote Storage Enclosure prevents dirt and dust from touching your product and uses a heater to maintain its temperature when used outdoors in cold conditions.

Protects all-important components: The pump and dispensing parts are contained inside the enclosure, ensuring long-lasting operation and reduced maintenance costs.

Storage capacity: This unit is a design for a 330 gallon tote.

Preassembled & fully tested: “Plug and Play” system designed to allow for quick and easy installation and operation. Simply connect to utility services, fill with DEF, and begin pumping.

Base Model

  • Heavy duty powder coated carbon steel enclosure
  • Steel base with forklift slots
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Pre-piped and wired
  • Magnetic nozzle
  • Plug & Play design

Additional options:

  • Dual sided dispensing
  • Magnetic nozzle
  • Insulation
  • Heater with thermostat for maintaining temperature above 30°F
  • 40 foot discharge hose
  • Discharge hose reel - heavy duty or medium duty
  • Pulse converter 10:1 or 100:1