NCR Radiant

NCR Radiant

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NCR is helping redefine point-of-sale systems for petroleum and convenience store retailers with a solution that helps dramatically improve speed-of-service, increases customer throughput and supports a wide array of credit card security guidelines. Leveraged by many of the industry’s leading operators, the NCR Radiant POS is easy to use, reduces transaction time and allows you to launch promotions, specials and customer programs across all sites in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, this advanced POS solution supports every store profit center—from fuel to foodservice—so you can manage the growing complexity of your petroleum and convenience retail operations.

NCR Radiant Benefits

  • Improve Speed of Service: The intuitive touch screen interface, graphical order confirmation display, integrated credit processing, fuel control and scanning contribute to faster transaction time. Plus, the advanced fault tolerance means customers are served without interruption.
  • Manage all Profit Centers: NCR Radiant POS allows you to manage all store profit centers, including fuel, food service, merchandise, car wash, lottery, money order, customer self-service, and more.
  • Increase Sales: The Radiant solution allows you to increase customer throughput during peak business hours and drive repeat business through targeted marketing and loyalty programs. When coupled with the Radiant's ability to support all profit centers in your operation, customers receive a consistent and seamless experience that increases their propensity to buy items in a number of areas. 
  • Reduce Operating Cost: The Radiant is easy to use and employees can be trained in minutes, drastically reducing training costs. The real-time cash drawer audits highlight shrink before it becomes an issue and the integration with security cameras adds an extra layer of fraud protection.
  • Integrate to Other Systems: NCR POS integrates with a long list of third-party back office and financial systems through the PCATS NAXML standard.
  • Keep Customer Information Safe: PA-DSS validated and EMV ready, meaning your customer’s personal information adheres to the most stringent credit card security guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Robust transaction management
  • Site management
  • Electronic payments and customer loyalty management
  • Fuel control
  • Centralized management
  • Open integration