Pneumercator P-Analog

Pneumercator P-Analog

Item #P-Analog

This family of indicators is based on an adaptation of the hydrostatic principle, air pressure is required to obtain liquid level indication. This is provided either by a built-in hand pump or by a source of clean dry air. Installation is readily accomplished in either empty tanks or partially filled tanks. A 2” tank opening is required through which the air bell assembly (supplied by Pneumercator) is installed. Once the system has been properly installed, maintenance is practically non-existent. All that is required is an occasional check of the zero position which takes less than a minute. 

Pneumercator P-Analog Series Benefits

  • Pressure balance which is equal to the tank liquid height is converted into tank contents and indicated on a calibrated dial. These gauges are designed to measure liquids having a constant specific gravity in vented tanks.
  • The simple bubble pipe arrangement in the tank is ideal for vertical tanks and those having internal obstructions.
  • For corrosive liquids the pipe can be of proper resistant material. 
  • P Series gauges can be installed quickly and simply in empty or full tanks; no special skills are required.

There are two types of systems available: 

  • Hand Pump models: Hand pump is built into the gauge case. A few strokes of the pump supplies the air for purging the tube in the tank to obtain the “pressure balance”. Hand pump gauges can operate a distance of up to 150 feet from the tank. 
  • Continuous Reading models: Constant source of clean dry air is used to instantly follow tank level changes and automatically indicate capacity on a calibrated dial. Constant air gauges can be located up to 1000 feet from the tank.

Hand Pump (Standard) Models:

  • Includes a dial type indicator complete with gallons dial, built-in hand pump, 30 feet of 1/4 inch tubing, an air chamber, a 2 inch tank entrance bushing and all other necessary fittings to complete the installation. Additional tubing is available.
  • Instrument case:  Surface
  • Tank Pressure:  Vented tanks
  • Gauge Models:  P-5 (5 inch scale), P-14 (14-1/2 inch scale)
  • Model gauge recommended depends on tank capacity. A P-5 model on a 10,000 gallon tank has readable spaced marks representing 200 gallons each but the P-14 has approximately 100 gallons for each mark making it more suitable for measurement as you can interpolate between marks and read to approximately twenty gallons.

Continuous Reading (Standard) Models:

  • Includes indicating instrument and a 2” tank entrance assembly with choke and fittings for 1/4” tubing to air supply and indicator.
  • Instrument case:  Surface
  • Tank Distance:  Up to 1000 feet
  • Gauge Models:  P-5A (5 inch scale), P-14A (14-1/2 inch scale)
  • Model gauge recommendations:  Model P-5 for tanks up to 3000 gallons; Model P-14 for tanks 3000 gallons and higher

This gauging system is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., N.Y.C., Board of Standards and Appeals.